Fair Wear & Tear Guide

Towards the end of your vehicle lease contract, we recommend you check over your vehicle to ensure it is returned in the best possible condition.

The vehicle needs to be returned in line with the BVRLA and your finance company’s fair wear and tear guidelines for a leased vehicle. Below, we have detailed the process that we recommend leasing drivers follow.

As a BVRLA Member, we offer guidance to drivers/companies returning their vehicles at the end of the contract.

As part of your contract, your vehicle will need to be returned in a state that complies with ‘fair wear and tear’ guidelines.

‘Fair wear and tear’ is any acceptable deterioration to your lease vehicle that occurs during normal usage over the period of the contract, this includes damage to the tyres, bumpers, windows glass and interior. You will not be charged for fair wear and tear damage.

It is not to be confused with damage which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events such as impact, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh-treatment, negligent acts or omissions.

The fair wear and tear guide above is produced by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) and offers an industry-standard description of acceptable levels of fair wear and tear. We recommend that you read this information both at the start and again towards the end of your vehicle’s lease.

The BVRLA produces three different Fair Wear & Tear Guides:

  • Cars – drivers of leased and financed cars
  • LCV/Vans – drivers and operators of contract-hired, leaseand financed light commercial vehicles
  • CV & Minibuses – drivers and operators of contract hire and leased vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and Minibuses


In the lead-up to your end of lease, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition for when it is returned to your finance company.

  • Re-read the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines along with those of your finance company
  • Give yourself enough time to act on and repair anything that requires attention

6 months before the end of your Lease

We will get in touch with regards to ordering a new vehicle or extending your current contract.

4 weeks before collection

  • Arrange for any non-Fair and Wear Tear damage to be repaired
  • Gather together any necessary documentation required for hand-back, these could include:
    – All sets of keys
    – The service book
    – A valid MOT certificate (if applicable)
    – The operation manual

Return Day

  • Remove all personal effects
  • Have documentation pack ready in the vehicle