The NEW IVECO Minicoach

Iveco 22 Seater + Driver

PHVC are proud to represent the factory built IVECO. We offer competitive deals for the school, community transport and business sectors.

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The Minicoach that gives the maximum

Ready for anything. IVECO

The Daily Minicoach offers a complete range in terms of size, engine capacity and customisation. Designed to respond to the needs of each and every customer, whilst offering a wide choice of fittings and equipment, the Daily Minicoach range

The latest generation features

  • Interior and exterior design
  • Additional space, with outstanding passenger capacity and unprecedented versatility
  • Improved comfort of the driver’s cockpit and passenger lounge
  • New 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission
  • Emission levels comply with the Euro VI standard

Excellent Design

The front of the vehicle is composed of several different modules.

The headlights are located in a high position, and are slightly set back, in order to prevent damage from small knocks and bumps. The strip which extends across all four sides of the vehicle protects the bodywork and provides a visual separation of the lower part, which is home to the mechanics of the bus, and the upper part, which is dedicated to the cab.

The large area of glass renders the interior compartment lighter, and allows for increased vertical visibility.

The new design also improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Power And Efficiency At Your Service

The Daily Minicoach applies its business instinct to advanced engine and transmission technologies in order to deliver the top class performance you need to complete your mission efficiently and reliably. The widest engine line-up delivers more power and torque, while reducing the impact on the environment with its low emissions.

Top Performance

The new Hi-Matic automatic gearbox is designed to ensure maximum performance, minimal running costs, unbeatable comfort and superior gear changes, along with reduced fuel consumption, thanks to its 8 gear ratios.

IVECO BUS offers an extensive support network for its entire vehicle range guaranteeing customers the best assistance through continuously trained and skilled technicians.

The Daily Minicoach truly is the minicoach par excellence: a vehicle which provides exceptional road holding and incredibly easy, comfortable handling.

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