Fuel Card

At PHVC we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best value possible for their fleet management. Our commitment is not just about immediate costs either; a major component of the whole life cost is fuel, which can be as high as 40%.

We’ve teamed up with the UK’s largest provider of fleet card services, Allstar to provide you with a simple and cost effective method for you to manage your fleet expenditure.

What are the benefits of having a PHVC fuel card?

Accessibility of network – Over 95% of UK fuel sites are available on the network giving your drivers unrivalled options to fill up without deviation from their route.

Perfect for minibuses – Your cards can be embossed with driver names or alternatively, can be associated with the registration number.  When a driver collects the keys, they can also collect their PHVC fuel card and use it as they go.  This in turn gives you a comprehensive view of the fuel spending used for that vehicle, in turn giving you miles per gallon and a more accurate view of your whole life cost.

Reduction in accounting – Receipts can become a thing of the past with a single, consolidated HMRC compliant invoice, increasing your ability to confidently claim VAT on all of your fuel purchases.  The PHVC fuel card is also accepted at M6 tolls and can be included on your invoicing.

Reduction in administration – Fuel card management saves time wasted on laborious expense claim procedures, inconvenient and unsafe requirements to hold excess levels of cash for fuel purchases and remove the need for costly mileage expenditure claims.

More than just fuel – Your card also allows your drivers to use it for payment at numerous outlets across the United Kingdom, including National Windscreens, ATS Euromaster and for pay as you go AA recovery. It can also be used at over 7500 garages for service, maintenance and repair.

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