Arval Total Care



Arval Total Care is an innovative product, which provides you with an insured and maintained leased vehicle.
It offers a complete, hassle-free and cost effective approach to your vehicle needs and can save you time.

What’s included?

  • A leased vehicle
  • Third Party liability cover
  • Own damage protection (including fire and theft)
  • Glass damage protection
  • Maintenance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Accident management

How it works

Vehicle leasing with Arval Total Care means you know what your monthly payments will be and this helps you to budget making it easier to manage your cash flow. The maintenance cover ensures that your vehicle is maintained and serviced to keep it in excellent working order. It also provides you with an extensive breakdown package so that you are never stranded.

Third party liability cover comes as part of the lease. This means that you get all the benefits of leasing at a fixed rental for the length of the vehicle lease up to five years (subject to Terms and Conditions) without the need to source your own insurance.

The own damage vehicle cover will mean accident damage throughout the life of your lease is repaired following any incidents at no cost to you, subject to an incident charge.

Arval Total Care Guidelines

Overall Benefits

Flexible – You choose the vehicle, duration and mileage to suit your needs and should these change, the contract terms can be amended to suit you (unregulated Contract Hire only).

Simple – You will be dealing with one company who can make all arrangements for your vehicle needs making your life easier. A monthly rental invoice is issued once your vehicle is delivered and is fixed for the duration of the lease, up to five years (subject to Terms and Conditions).

Full details available on request.

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